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Campus events discussed at Student Government Association meeting


The Student Government Association’s meeting accomplished the task of providing the funds necessary to further education and integrity through academic conferences, competitions and social events, such as card making and movie nights organized by the various clubs on campus.

Just as every previous Student Government Association (SGA) meeting begins, this one too began with an opening prayer delivered by Luke Williams before delving into approving funding for projects such as campus improvement, academic trips and club events.

SGA President Katie Purcell. Photo courtesy of Jeff Reed | Reinhardt University

Reinhardt has been making steps towards beautifying the campus and keeping it “University in a Park.” These steps have included placing trashcans in readily accessible places for students to drop their trash quickly and conveniently. A motion was made at the Jan. 30 meeting to purchase two more trashcans for $1,300, according to the unofficial minutes, one of which is to be placed near the Echo Garden to collect trash from students leaving the cafe inside the library.

After recapping upcoming events, including the Student Activities Council’s acoustic karaoke event and laser tag event coming up on Feb. 3 and Feb. 4 respectively, Katie Purcell, senior and President of SGA, began discussing upcoming events and proposals. SGA will be hosting a Valentine’s Day event where students will have the opportunity to make cards that will then be donated to the Canton Nursing Home. This event is happening so SGA can “show students it’s the little things that matter and that paying it forward is very rewarding,” Purcell said.

African Descendants will also be holding a book stamping event from 4-5:30 p.m. on Feb. 16 to provide underprivileged students in Africa with reading materials. The “goal of this event is to provide an easy way for students to serve their community and to branch out beyond Waleska,” SGA member Adrienne Lawrence said.

According to the unofficial minutes of the Jan. 30 meeting, multiple clubs requested funding for projects including the Anime Club, which asked for $400 for a Valentine Movie Night; Pi Gamma Mu, the Social Behavior and Sciences Honor Society, which requested funds to travel to the Southeastern Psychological Convention for $1,986; and the Ultimate Frisbee team that asked for funds to pay the $150 enrollment fee in the Mars Hill University Conference. All requests were approved.

Purcell adjourned the meeting by providing instructions for those interested in running for office. Elections for the offices will be held April 3-5.

Student Government Association meets every Monday at 7 p.m. in the Nook.

Written by: Erin Laas.

Student senate election winners announced


The winners of the Reinhardt University student senate election have been announced.

The 2016-2017 election, which took place Sept. 12-14, gave Reinhardt University students the opportunity to vote for representatives to fill several student positions in RU’s Student Government Association.  The winners are as follows:

  • Levi Cochran, Freshman male residence hall
  • Adrian Hayes, Upperclassman male residence halls
  • Hannah Hale, Freshman female residence halls
  • Aubrey Woods, Upperclassman female residence halls
  • Jorge Ramirez and Rebecca Braswell, Commuter representatives
  • Representative from each class:
    • Freshman: Wessly Soronellas
    • Sophomore: Avery Miller
    • Junior: Kristen Holder
    • Senior: Charlotte Davenport
  • Katie Hale, Intercollegiate Athletics Representative
  • Aleah Cooper and Talyn Owens, Two representatives from the student body at large

Owens, a sophomore sport studies major, saw the opportunity to serve as a way to give back.

“I want to be able to represent RU as a whole,” said Owens. “I feel that within this position, I will be able to get my name out there, to not only represent the school and company, but also my family.”

Following the results, Student Body President Katie Purcell offered her congratulations to all of the winners.

“I look forward to the upcoming year with these great leaders; I know we will accomplish a lot this year,” said Purcell. “I congratulate all of the winners on this opportunity to help voice student’s opinions, and I am excited to continue to improve SGA with these student leaders.”

Purcell also notes her satisfaction with the level of student involvement and support during the election process.

“We had about 150 students come out and vote for this Senate election,” said Purcell. “I was really pleased with the amount of applications we had for this election, and I hope it encourages other students to apply for future positions with Student Government.”

Although the elected positions have been filled, Purcell explained there are other ways students can get involved in SGA.

“Students need to know that our meetings are open; just because they aren’t on the senate doesn’t mean they can’t be there,” said Purcell. “I would encourage any student that would like to voice their opinion, or just sit in on a meeting, to come and join us on Monday nights at 7 p.m. in the Glasshouse.”


Written By: Adria Mulrooney. Photo Credit: Madeline Hervey