Empowering students to live healthier lifestyles


Reinhardt University is well on its way to becoming a college with a healthy and active student body. The campus is focusing on providing more opportunities for students to participate in engaging group activities to boost morale when it comes to exercising and good mental health. These additions take shape in the form of nature trails, healthy food options, social events and an array of exercise classes.

Reinhardt University Trustee Gin Miller demonstrates how to properly exercise on the FITtrees she donated to the University for the Gin Miller Studio, located at the West apartments. Photo courtesy of Jeff Reed

Resident Assistant and junior Hannah Hale recently held an event centered around healthy diets and how to buy healthy foods on a budget, which included a yogurt bar with healthy food options and their prices and recipes for snacks. Attendees also had the option to participate in a Zumba dance class to elevate their heart rate and to get excited about a healthier lifestyle.

“Couponing and searching for ‘Deals of the Day’ are great ways to make your dollar last, especially if you have bills to pay, too,” Hale said.

Hale also suggests switching to less expensive alternatives such as frozen food instead of fresh ones.

Reinhardt offers many exercise-oriented classes to get fit while in a social setting. These classes are often taught by coaches “and are primarily used to teach students how to build an easy, safe routine to stick to,” said Dr. Walter May, assistant dean of Students and Director of Student Activities.

Reinhardt also offers classes that introduce students to the basics of camping and are in the process of creating academic classes focused around teaching students the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  This knowledge provides students with the tools to tackle the hiking trails located on campus. Daily walking, the least strenuous of physical activities, has been shown to “improve heart function and overall health,” May said. “Even just 30 minutes of walking a day improves brain function and academic performance.”

“Our goal is to create touchpoints for every student. Places where students can create bonds with peers and build lifelong friendships while also creating disciplines that will help them to create healthy routines even when life isn’t centered around walking to class every day,” he said.

May is currently trying to walk Reinhardt’s trails for at least 30 minutes every morning to get a jump start on an active day.

Along with these classes are social clubs and gatherings centered around getting outside and getting active. Junior Christian Gates participates in the Running Club of campus.

“I am a part of the Reinhardt Runners club. We meet every morning to do our daily run, not including weekends,” Gates said.

When Gates isn’t out running through Reinhardt’s beautiful campus, he goes to the Gin Miller Studio or partakes in Acro-Yoga. “It’s always a blast and it never feels like I’m working out.”

The Gin Miller Studio at Reinhardt University is an exercise studio donated by step aerobics inventor and Reinhardt University trustee, Gin Miller.

Miller teaches a class every Saturday, and her goal is to make exercise more accessible to women during their hectic life styles, which is why the decision to put the studio in the women’s apartment was made. Miller is training other teachers on campus to instruct classes so that Reinhardt can further expand the variety of group exercise activities it offers.

Reinhardt is making a goal to include faculty and students in their health makeover. By improving exercise techniques and eating habits, students pave the way for a brighter future. Freshman Jessie Fanczi , who also stays active on campus, said, “having a strong body is always an advantage regardless of where life takes you.”

Written by: Erin Laas

Photo provided by Jeff Reed | Reinhardt Office of Marketing and Communication

February marks a busy month for RU athletics


February is the busiest month of the year in the Reinhardt athletics department, with 15 different teams competing during the month. The upcoming home games for the second week of February include baseball, softball, women’s lacrosse, women’s basketball and men’s basketball.

“Because of the success of our teams so far this year, the basketball teams especially, women’s team that is competing for first place and the men’s team that is competing for second place right now, we can really use a lot of support this weekend,” said Reinhardt Athletic Director Bill Popp. “Also, the excitement of opening weekend for softball, the very first home game of the year. In addition, a great home baseball match that we can also use for support will help our teams at the upcoming games.”

After a successful weekend for the Reinhardt’s Baseball team, the Eagles took over the lead and start their season with record of 4-0 after overpowering Calumet College. They will be back in action on Thursday against Taylor University in a doubleheader. The first pitch is scheduled for 2 p.m. The second match set for 4:30 p.m.

On Saturday, Feb. 11, Reinhardt’s softball team will open their first match of the season against Hiwassee, in a doubleheader at Ken White Field. The first game is set for 1 p.m. The second match scheduled for 3 p.m. The Lady Eagles will start their 2017 season ranking at No. 16 in the NAIA Preseason Top 25 Coaches’ Poll. Last season, the Lady Eagles finished out their season 41-12 and were winners of the Appalachian Athletic Conference regular season and tournament champions. They are expected to have another successful season this year.

The women’s basketball team will look to keep their great record of 23-3 as they compete today at Columbia in South Carolina and will try to get their 24th win. Their home match will be on Saturday at 2 p.m. against Truett-McConnell. Right after the ladies, men’s Basketball team (19-7) will play to try and earn their 20th win at 4 p.m.

For something a little different, check out the women’s lacrosse team Saturday as they take on Montreat College at the University Stadium at Ken White Field. The match starts at 4 p.m.

All games are free to students, and tickets are required. For non-students, tickets cost $5. Children’s tickets cost $3. Tickets are available at each event.

Written by: Yamit Vodavoz.

Photo Slideshow: Homecoming 2016


Homecoming 2016 Photo Slideshow
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Photos By: Aaron Simmons and Malik Golar

Women’s soccer soars over Union with hopes for conference championship No. 1 seed

Women's Soccer

Reinhardt’s women’s soccer team shut out their opponent in front of an exhilarated crowd in Waleska as they defeated the Union Bulldogs 3-0. In result of their conference victory over Union, the No. 20 ranked Eagles will go head-to-head with Point University on Wednesday for the No. 1 seed of the conference championship.

Reinhardt (13-2) entered the Union match with only one loss in conference play. The Lady Eagles were led by scorers Katie Goodrich and Victoria Cassidy who combined for two of Reinhardt’s goals. Cassidy was the first to score a goal for Reinhardt. Eagle’s goalie, Taylor Asher, contributed to the team’s defensive success with a save to close out the period, taking the team into the half ahead of Union 1-0.

“I think the girls did a really good job taking care of business,” Andy Kaplan, Reinhardt’s head coach, said.

Reinhardt kicked off the final period of play with more energy than they initially started the game with as their stifling defense continued to disrupt a struggling Bulldog’s offense. The Eagles tallied up a total of five saves in the second half that resulted in a spark for the Eagles offense. A team goal, followed by a goal from Goodrich, resulted in the final two Reinhardt goals to close the shutout over Union.

“It was a good win. Union had just come off of a really big win over Point, so the fact that we were able to win 3-0 shows well for us. We were fighting to set up our game with point on Wednesday, and whoever wins that will win the conference,” Kaplan said.

The victory set the Lady Eagles up for a showdown with Point University this Wednesday in West Point, Georgia at 2 p.m. The winner of the game will be awarded the No. 1 seed for the AAC Championship.


Written By: Aaron Simmons. Photo By: Aaron Simmons

Men’s soccer suffers tough double overtime loss

Men's Soccer

Reinhardt’s men’s soccer team put on a show for their fans in Waleska as they fought hard in an extended double overtime match-up against visiting Bryan College.

Reinhardt (10-3) entered the first half with an abundance of energy and jumped out to an early lead over Bryan College (11-0-2) with a goal from Dodge Palmisano.

“Every player who was playing from the beginning or stepped onto the field brought a lot of energy for the team,” Torge Wiedenroth, Reinhardt’s goalie, said.

The teams provided a swarming defensive game as both teams only combined for a total of 11 shots and 4 saves at halftime.

Entering the second half of the match, Bryan College’s Pablo Idieder answered with a goal of his own with an assist from teammate Brad Spooner, tying the game 1-1. Both teams fought through the remainder of the half without scoring as each team’s defense performed strongly. With an undecided victor at the end of regulation, they advanced to the first overtime of the night.

Wiedenroth held Bryan College scoreless with his only save of the period. The Eagles were unable to capitalize from Wiedenroth’s save as they could not come up with a goal of their own to end the match in overtime.

The action-packed game extended by entering the second overtime of the night. Reinhardt, as well as Bryan College, continued their stifling defenses until closing minutes of period 4. Bryan College’s Charlie Clark scored the final goal to dagger the Eagles with a 2-1 victory in double overtime. Emotions ran high, but Reinhardt kept their heads up as they were pleased with their efforts as a team.

“The team unity was outstanding tonight. The end was unfortunate for us, but overtime can go in either direction easily,” Wiedenroth said.

The Eagles fought to make things happen in their favor, but the outcome played in the favor of a well coached Bryan College team.

“We worked well as a team and created enough chances to win the game. It just didn’t fall for us in the end,” Todd Fidler, a sophomore midfielder, said.

The Eagles will try to bounce back from a shocking loss as they face off against Union College this Saturday at Ken White Field in Waleska at 7:30 p.m.


Written By: Aaron Simmons. Photo By: Aaron Simmons