Reinhardt is invited to explore Ireland during Study Abroad Info Meeting


Reinhardt University students, faculty, and staff are invited to attend the Ireland is Calling – Explore the Emerald Island Study Abroad Info Meeting in 110 Lawson this Wednesday, April 12, at 3 p.m.

During the meeting, Professor of Sociology and International Studies Program Coordinator, Dr. Cheryl Brown, will be presenting the study abroad trip to Ireland, which is planned for May 2018, and discussing the details of the trip.

“We are going to be talking about the trip, costs and courses students can take,” said Dr. Brown.  “It’s going to be a chance for students to get a packet of information.  All students are welcome, whether current or alum.”

Dr. Brown was inspired to plan a faculty-led study abroad trip to Ireland due to the high interest of Reinhardt students.

“When I took a survey a year ago, Ireland was the top place students wanted to go,” said Dr. Brown.  “It’s also interesting that almost one-third of Americans trace their roots back to Ireland, so I think there’s a pull for people to go.”

Dr. Brown looks forward to introducing the group to Emerald Island and discussing the trip itinerary during the meeting.

“We’re going to start in Dublin and go to Trinity College and Dublin Castle, and then to the Titanic Museum in Belfast, where the Titanic was built,” said Dr. Brown.  “We are also going to see Giant’s Causeway and go down to Derry, which is a walled city.  The last couple of days we’re going to the Dingle Peninsula, which is actually the home of pure Irish music.”

Dr. Brown can be contacted at for more information.

Written by: Adria Mulrooney

Reinhardt University Phi Beta Lambda is hosting its first car show to raise funds


Reinhardt University Phi Beta Lambda is putting on its first car show event on Monday, April 1, from 10 a.m.- 1 p.m.  The event will be held at the Hagan Chapel parking lot on the main campus.  The fee to enter a car in the show is $25.  General attendance is free and everyone is welcome to join.

Senior General Business major and Vice President of RU Phi Beta Lambda, Ethan Alexander, is leading the organization of the event.

“Phi Beta Lambda is the collegiate version of Future Business Leaders of America, but we compete in business competitions to showcase the skills we have learned,” said Alexander.  “Events range from writing to performance events.”

Alexander sees the car show as an opportunity for the students to apply their skills.

“The car show is our attempt to show what we as business majors have learned in the classroom,” said Alexander. “I’ve made and used connections, and we have budgeted, sent requests, marketed and used human resources to plan a car show for the community to come out and showcase what they have. It will consist of anybody who wants to enter their vehicle(s).  There will be three judges to rank them and determine winners of the different categories. We will also have raffle prizes to giveaway to anybody who wants to buy tickets.”

Alexander believes the event will be a great opportunity for both the local and Reinhardt communities to come out and see a lot of unique cars and praises the hard work of Phi Beta Lambda in putting on the event.

“This is a chance to see cars you don’t see every day and take a look at what used to cruise the streets of Waleska before we were even born,” said Alexander.  “It really helps bring history to life, and for a car guy like me, it makes the day more exciting. The thing I’m most looking forward to is seeing how many people come out and either enter a car or just come look around. I’m proud to say Phi Beta Lambda has decided to earn our money instead of asking for funding from the school. I look forward to seeing the happy faces of a job well done.”

Dean of the McCamish School of Business and Associate Professor of Business, Dr. Katherine Hyatt, is one of the several advisors for RU Phi Beta Lambda and expresses her support and praise for the students in organizing the event and encourages everyone to come out and show their support as well.

“Ethan has really completed all the work for the car show,” said Dr. Hyatt.  “I helped him gain approval for the car show from administration. It has been my role as one of several advisors for Phi Beta Lambda to support him and the students in putting the event together. It is easy to support students in things they are passionate about, and Ethan is definitely passionate about cars. The car show is free to the public and it would be great for students to come to the event. The more people that can visit the event the better.”

Alexander can be reached at for more information about the event.


Written by: Adria Mulrooney

VoicePlay from ‘The Sing-Off’ on NBC, Spivey Hall Children’s Choir to grace the FPAC stage


The upcoming weekend is filled with events for students to enjoy and even performance opportunities to participate in.

The Sing-Off’s VoicePlay to perform at the Falany Performing Arts Center this weekend. Photo courtesy of

VoicePlay will be held in the Falany Performing Arts Center on Thursday, March 23 from 7:30 p.m.-9 p.m. VoicePlay is a five-person a cappella group that competed on NBC’s “The Sing-Off” on season four. According to their website, they are “unlike any theatrical experience available today, recreating the orchestrated sound of an entire musical production with nothing but the the human voice.”

Friday, March 24, there will be an Eagle Cinema event hosted by Student Activities Council. They will be showing Disney’s “Moana” on the Donor Plaza from 8:30-11:30 p.m.  

On Saturday, March 25, Student Activities Council will be putting on Open Mic Night. All students are welcome to participate with acts of singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, poetry or any other talents they want to perform. The event will take place 8-10 p.m. in the Bannister Glasshouse.

Spivey Hall Children’s Choir will be performing in the Falany Performing Art Center on Sunday, March 26, at 3 p.m. For information, visit

Written by: Jordan Beach

RU offers fun alternatives to a Spring break spent at home


Reinhardt University is hosting two exciting trips this Spring Break. The trips are open to all students on campus and transportation will be provided.

Reinhardt Outdoors, sponsored by Dr. Walter May, is taking students to Skidaway Island for a 5-day/4-night sea kayaking trip around Georgia’s coast. The trip will not only include kayaking but also bonfires, stories and food. Students will have the opportunity to learn about Georgia’s saltwater environments and the history of Savannah, as well as explore the Savannah National Wildlife Reserve and hike along the Avian Loop Trail. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of interesting flora and fauna.

Dr. Walter May, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Activities, says “I’m really excited for this trip because it gives students a chance to get out of their normal routine and into nature. There’s something for everyone, even a service project where students will help park rangers repair the board walk from hurricane damage.”

The trip will take place Monday, March 6 through Friday, March 10 and will cost $85.  May urges students to sign up before the Feb. 24 deadline. There are only 14 spots available for the trip, however some still are available.  May said that no experience is required and that all students who participate will have a very memorable time.

For those looking for a service-oriented spring break, consider attending the Appalachia Service Trip hosted by Tim Norton, vice president for advancement and marketing. On this trip, students will dedicate time to repairing the houses of those in need. Departure to Jonesville, Va. will take place on March 5 and students will return March 8.

The cost to attend is $50, and students should pack long sleeved shirts, pants and sturdy shoes. It is requested that students observe the modest dress code, meaning shorts should reach at least mid-thigh and all shirts should have sleeves.  Students will also need to pack toiletries, a sleeping bag and pillow, a towel and shower shoes. It is requested that if students have work gloves that they bring those as well.

For more information on Reinhardt Outdoors Sea Kayaking Trip, such as packing essentials or itinerary details, visit To pay for an already reserved spot, students should go to the Business Office.

For more information or to sign up for the Appalachia Service Trip, contact Kathy Bouyett at

Written by: Erin Laas

Empowering students to live healthier lifestyles


Reinhardt University is well on its way to becoming a college with a healthy and active student body. The campus is focusing on providing more opportunities for students to participate in engaging group activities to boost morale when it comes to exercising and good mental health. These additions take shape in the form of nature trails, healthy food options, social events and an array of exercise classes.

Reinhardt University Trustee Gin Miller demonstrates how to properly exercise on the FITtrees she donated to the University for the Gin Miller Studio, located at the West apartments. Photo courtesy of Jeff Reed

Resident Assistant and junior Hannah Hale recently held an event centered around healthy diets and how to buy healthy foods on a budget, which included a yogurt bar with healthy food options and their prices and recipes for snacks. Attendees also had the option to participate in a Zumba dance class to elevate their heart rate and to get excited about a healthier lifestyle.

“Couponing and searching for ‘Deals of the Day’ are great ways to make your dollar last, especially if you have bills to pay, too,” Hale said.

Hale also suggests switching to less expensive alternatives such as frozen food instead of fresh ones.

Reinhardt offers many exercise-oriented classes to get fit while in a social setting. These classes are often taught by coaches “and are primarily used to teach students how to build an easy, safe routine to stick to,” said Dr. Walter May, assistant dean of Students and Director of Student Activities.

Reinhardt also offers classes that introduce students to the basics of camping and are in the process of creating academic classes focused around teaching students the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  This knowledge provides students with the tools to tackle the hiking trails located on campus. Daily walking, the least strenuous of physical activities, has been shown to “improve heart function and overall health,” May said. “Even just 30 minutes of walking a day improves brain function and academic performance.”

“Our goal is to create touchpoints for every student. Places where students can create bonds with peers and build lifelong friendships while also creating disciplines that will help them to create healthy routines even when life isn’t centered around walking to class every day,” he said.

May is currently trying to walk Reinhardt’s trails for at least 30 minutes every morning to get a jump start on an active day.

Along with these classes are social clubs and gatherings centered around getting outside and getting active. Junior Christian Gates participates in the Running Club of campus.

“I am a part of the Reinhardt Runners club. We meet every morning to do our daily run, not including weekends,” Gates said.

When Gates isn’t out running through Reinhardt’s beautiful campus, he goes to the Gin Miller Studio or partakes in Acro-Yoga. “It’s always a blast and it never feels like I’m working out.”

The Gin Miller Studio at Reinhardt University is an exercise studio donated by step aerobics inventor and Reinhardt University trustee, Gin Miller.

Miller teaches a class every Saturday, and her goal is to make exercise more accessible to women during their hectic life styles, which is why the decision to put the studio in the women’s apartment was made. Miller is training other teachers on campus to instruct classes so that Reinhardt can further expand the variety of group exercise activities it offers.

Reinhardt is making a goal to include faculty and students in their health makeover. By improving exercise techniques and eating habits, students pave the way for a brighter future. Freshman Jessie Fanczi , who also stays active on campus, said, “having a strong body is always an advantage regardless of where life takes you.”

Written by: Erin Laas

Photo provided by Jeff Reed | Reinhardt Office of Marketing and Communication