Reinhardt’s new food service provider off to a solid start

Food Services

Students returned to campus this fall to discover a new management company operating the campus’ food services and early reviews indicate general satisfaction with the change.

The university contracted Metz Culinary Management last spring to replace Sodexo as the university’s food service provider. Metz manages Gordy Dining Hall, Starbucks and The Nook (formerly the Varsity).

In business since 1994, Metz services clients in corporate, healthcare and education settings. The company’s mission, according to its website, is to strive to deliver restaurant-inspired hospitality to each and every guest.

Students have noticed this new approach through the service and quality of food being offered. Metz has continued “Fried Chicken Wednesdays,” a popular meal option. It also has continued to serve hot food options, a salad bar and a dessert section. The quality of the hot food, in particular, has improved, according to students.

“My favorite change would have to be the lemon pepper, barbecue, and hot wings they serve every now and then,” Kevon James, a senior Biology major said. “The food is way better this year compared to last year.”

Although the improvement in the quality of food has been praised, students report that Metz still has some operational practices to smooth out. One often heard complaint has focused on the long serving lines.

“Gordy needs to do something about the longer lines. We barely have time to get a meal in between classes,” Miles Hollis, a sophomore Communication and Media Studies major, said.

We reached out to a representative from Metz for a comment on the long lines and we did not receive a reply.

Overall, the new company has been a pleasant change and more changes are forthcoming. These include plans for expansion of the dining facility over the summer, with completion expected by Fall 2017.


Written By: Malik Golar. Picture By: Malik Golar

The Varsity replaced with late night dining and multi-use space


By Jacob Howard

Over the summer, changes have been made to the Hasty Student Life Center space formerly operated as The Varsity. Although not all of the planned changes have yet been completed, the university has made significant progress transforming the location into a multi-use space.

One of the most readily apparent changes is the decor. The artwork has been removed and the walls have been painted. The solid single door entrance has been replaced by double glass doors with sidelights. Inside, the old booths have been removed and the number of tables has nearly doubled. The largest addition is the inclusion of a stage.

“Before it had this cool retro feel, but was also kinda grimy. Now it’s more comfortable and open, especially with the glass doors,” commented Junior Luke Williams.

To better serve food customers, the flow of traffic at the counter has also been reorganized.

Metz Culinary Management will offer late night food options for students between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. Sunday through Thursday. Additionally, on Tuesday evenings campus worship activities will be offered beginning at 7 p.m. Time slots for band rehearsals have been made available Sunday and Thursday evenings from 5 p.m.-7 p.m.

A new name for the space has not been finalized. Rev. Ted Goshorn, who is in charge of the campus’ religious services, said “It’s still being determined, but because of copyright reasons, [it] will not be the Upper Room,” one of the name options that was being considered.