Waleska community enjoys Halloween festivities at Trunk-or-Treat event

Trunk or Treat

Halloween festivities were enjoyed by the local community at the Trunk-or-Treat event, co-hosted by Reinhardt University and Waleska United Methodist Church.

The Reinhardt Homecoming Week event, held Wednesday, Oct. 26, took place in the Hagan Chapel Parking Lot from 6-8 p.m.  Rev. Tim Emmett, pastor of Waleska UMC, counted the event as a success.

“This year’s event probably drew twice as many people as last year. Hundreds of children from Waleska came to our Trunk-or-Treat last night.  The parking lot was packed all night long,” Emmett said.  “Reinhardt students did a great job welcoming the children, cheering them on as they completed activities, and making sure that they had a very positive experience.  With the help of the Reinhardt community, we definitely achieved our goal of providing a fun and safe Trunk-or-Treat experience for the families in our community.”

The event included decorated trunks, food, members of the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office and Cherokee Fire and Emergency Services, Reinhardt students, faculty and staff, and, of course, costumes and candy.

Waleska UMC’s Director of Children’s Ministries, Cheryl Griffin, described the church’s involvement in the community event.

“Waleska UMC participated in many ways, including the prayer, advertising and promotion of the event throughout the community,” Griffin said.  “We also participated by donating candy for trunk sponsors to utilize (there were 10 trunks there which were sponsored by Waleska UMC members), inviting the fire department and sheriff’s office to participate, providing and serving over 230 hot dogs, along with chips and drinks, sharing the love of our Lord with all who attended, and enjoying the interaction with the Reinhardt students!”

Sophomore Psychology major Ally Vieira was one of many students who enjoyed the event.

“There were great people that came out and great music,” Vieira said. “Everyone had a fun time setting up and interacting with the kids.  My favorite part was definitely seeing the kids’ faces light up every time they did well in the corn hole or knocking down our bowling pins, and meeting a baby dressed up as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, just like me, was pretty cool too!”

A full list of RU Homecoming events can be found here.


Written By: Adria Mulrooney. Photo By: Adria Mulrooney

Students hunt Pokemon during campus event


More than 60 students, alumni and friends decided to let loose and have fun last week as they gathered at the Falany Performing Arts Center to hunt for virtual Pokemon on campus.

Launched in July, Pokemon GO is a mobile app that allows players to catch virtual creatures on their phones. Much like it did in the late 90s, Pokemon fever spread through the country yet again.

This event was held Sept. 7 at 6 p.m. and sponsored by Reinhardt Resident Assistant Christian Gates who hoped the event would get students our of their dorms and help them meet other students.

A screenshot of a phone during the Pokemon search
A screenshot of a phone during the Pokemon search

“It was a lot of fun,” said freshman Michaela Brock. “I made some new friends and caught a Pikachu!”

Participants were given homemade Pokeballs, the items used to capture Pokemon, and special items to increase Pokemon encounters. While waiting for Pokemon to appear on their devices, the students compared their captured creatures. Though each member of a Pokemon species is identical in appearance, they are not equally powerful.

The group searched campus together and successfully captured a gym. Gyms are landmarks where players are able to deposit Pokemon, allowing teams to battle and attempt to take over a space. Holding a gym earns players in-game currency and a chance to strengthen their Pokemon.

After the gym battle and exploring the majority of campus, the group returned to FPAC and continued to hunt Pokemon before parting ways.

“It was a lot of fun. We all just hung out, debated what teams were best, caught some Pokemon and ate snacks. I look forward to another one of Christian’s RA events,” said sophomore Chase Brackett.


Written By: Jacob Howard. Photo Credits: Jacob Howard. Feature Image: Pictured left to right: Hannah Craton (Alumni), Chase Brackett (Sophomore) and Christian Gates (Junior).

Organizers say Red Cross blood drive at RU was a huge success


By Adria Mulrooney

The Red Cross blood drive, held Wednesday, Aug. 24, on Reinhardt University’s main campus in Waleska, was a huge success.  According to Chris Davis, the Collections Team Supervisor at the Red Cross, there were approximately 45 donors present, from which 37 usable pints of blood were obtained.  Davis also stated that the amount of usable blood donated this past Wednesday greatly exceeded the amount that they had hoped to collect from the event.  This is exciting news for the Reinhardt community, who’s efforts to give back have not gone unnoticed.