Reinhardt Residence Life invites students to showcase their talent at Coffee House


Anyone interested in joining fellow students and performers at Coffee House is invited to come out September 22nd, at 7PM in the Glasshouse. Auditions for the annual Coffee House event took place this past Wednesday and Thursday from 7-9 PM in Gordy. In total, ten students were scheduled to audition. After the auditioning period had ended, Judge Kelli Skokowski, a Junior, was certainly expecting great things from the event this year. Skokowski stated, “I think this is going to be probably the best Coffee house that we’ve had in a long time. All the auditions were just amazing- blew us away. We weren’t really expecting so much talent in the past two days, but it’s been wild. They’re amazing.” Another judge, Sophomore Josiah Williams said, “We had a large turnout last year, so hopefully we’ll have another large crowd this year.”

Judge Kelli Skokowski is pleased with the turnout this year.

Coffee House itself is a way for all students to display their talents in music, poetry, song, dance, acting or magic performances. Freshman Luke Tracey said, “It’s important for students to show off what they’ve got- you never know what talents some people may have, and it’s good to spread all of it out.” Sophomore Music Education major Kate Hurst stated, “Being able to experience the talents of everyone from different backgrounds, and to come together as one, all for the same purpose means a great deal because it just brings everyone together. I love it. I think Coffee House is very important because you get to see that not just Music Education majors or Musical Theater majors have talent. But you get to see that athletes have talent, Business majors have talents, Nursing majors have talent- whoever they may be or wherever they come from, they can have talent too.”

Anyone interested in coming to the Coffee House event can expect great performances in a laid-back environment. Judge Skokowski stated, “Most people come and play acoustic versions of songs, it is very relaxed”. “Events like Coffee House help us build a community, and help people to see that ‘Oh if they can get up there on stage and sing, maybe I can too’. So it really helps to just build a stronger sense of community here on campus for the students,” she continued. Everyone looking forward to coming to the event has been invited to come out and experience the all that Coffee House has to offer. In regards to the audience, performer Kate Hurst said, “I hope that there is a crowd and a lot of involvement… if not, if it’s just a small crowd, it will still have a nice ‘coffee house’ vibe, and that’s really exciting too.”

Written by: Magdalena Quarles