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Reinhardt Residence Life invites students to showcase their talent at Coffee House


Anyone interested in joining fellow students and performers at Coffee House is invited to come out September 22nd, at 7PM in the Glasshouse. Auditions for the annual Coffee House event took place this past Wednesday and Thursday from 7-9 PM in Gordy. In total, ten students were scheduled to audition. After the auditioning period had ended, Judge Kelli Skokowski, a Junior, was certainly expecting great things from the event this year. Skokowski stated, “I think this is going to be probably the best Coffee house that we’ve had in a long time. All the auditions were just amazing- blew us away. We weren’t really expecting so much talent in the past two days, but it’s been wild. They’re amazing.” Another judge, Sophomore Josiah Williams said, “We had a large turnout last year, so hopefully we’ll have another large crowd this year.”

Judge Kelli Skokowski is pleased with the turnout this year.

Coffee House itself is a way for all students to display their talents in music, poetry, song, dance, acting or magic performances. Freshman Luke Tracey said, “It’s important for students to show off what they’ve got- you never know what talents some people may have, and it’s good to spread all of it out.” Sophomore Music Education major Kate Hurst stated, “Being able to experience the talents of everyone from different backgrounds, and to come together as one, all for the same purpose means a great deal because it just brings everyone together. I love it. I think Coffee House is very important because you get to see that not just Music Education majors or Musical Theater majors have talent. But you get to see that athletes have talent, Business majors have talents, Nursing majors have talent- whoever they may be or wherever they come from, they can have talent too.”

Anyone interested in coming to the Coffee House event can expect great performances in a laid-back environment. Judge Skokowski stated, “Most people come and play acoustic versions of songs, it is very relaxed”. “Events like Coffee House help us build a community, and help people to see that ‘Oh if they can get up there on stage and sing, maybe I can too’. So it really helps to just build a stronger sense of community here on campus for the students,” she continued. Everyone looking forward to coming to the event has been invited to come out and experience the all that Coffee House has to offer. In regards to the audience, performer Kate Hurst said, “I hope that there is a crowd and a lot of involvement… if not, if it’s just a small crowd, it will still have a nice ‘coffee house’ vibe, and that’s really exciting too.”

Written by: Magdalena Quarles

Reinhardt University’s Common Ground group gathers in rain

Common Ground 2
Students gathered together in rain gear and all to spend time in worship together.

Pouring rain, rushing wind, and rolling thunder could not stop Reinhardt students from gathering together for a night of community, praise, and worship. Clad in rain boots, rain jackets, and carrying umbrellas, drenched students gathered in the Glass House on Sept. 5 for a Common Ground worship service.

Common Ground is one of Reinhardt’s campus ministry programs, where all are invited to come together, sing with the worship band, and hear a message from Jamie Huggins, Reinhardt’s Campus Minister.

On this night, in particular, students arrived damp from the rain, but their spirits remained high as the crowd began to grow and warm conversations filled the room. The service began with a word of prayer, which was followed by music and song. Students were seen singing along and swaying to the music. Afterwards, Jamie delivered his message of discipleship. Those in attendance listened intently to his words and laughed along to his stories. His advice to the students was to begin looking for opportunities to form what he referred to as accountability groups and to join bible studies. Whether religious or not, accountability groups are comprised of people one can trust where the members can speak honestly and vulnerably to one another without fear of judgment. However, these groups are created to have people who will, in turn, hold one accountable for their actions, and then point them in a better direction with advice or prayer.

Towards the end of the night, students were encouraged to send their focus to those who have been affected by the severity of Hurricane Harvey, and to those who may be soon impacted by the oncoming storm of Hurricane Irma as it approaches. Although the small storm precedingthe service brought heavy rain and intense wind, it was nothing in comparison to what is being brought on by these storms.

While speaking, Jamie expressed how groups like Common Ground created moments and how it’s possible to, “come together in these moments, and get a little hope to keep you pressing on.” Lexi, a current student of Kennesaw State University and the leader of the worship music, spoke on how being vulnerable, and surviving college can be difficult, but how there is power found in community. She encouraged students to use Common Ground as a place to build community and family but to also take that idea of community outside into everyday life.

Along with the idea of building community, new bible study groups for both girls and boys are currently in the works. The girls plan to meet starting next week on Tuesday nights, directly following the regular Common Ground service, and the boys have a tentative plan to meet on Wednesday nights in the Glass House. Both groups will provide another opportunity to build a community of prayer and worship. Whether students are looking for a place to worship with friends, or if they are just looking for a supportive community, Common Ground may be a good place to start.

The group meets weekly in the Glass House on Tuesday nights at 7 o’clock.

Written by Nataleigh Long

Entertainment Events Preview 4/17 – 4/23


Attention all RU students: get prepared to enjoy a week’s full of engaging activities on campus this week,  as the spring semester comes to an end. An intramural ultimate Frisbee and disc golf tournament will be held on campus, in addition to a night full of childhood fun to close the semester on a thrilling note.

Get ready for the competition to heat up, as the staff of Reinhardt Central hosts its annual Ultimate Frisbee Tournament on Wednesday, April 19 on the intramural sports field. The teams will consist of seven players who work as a team to pass the Frisbee all the way to the opponent’s end zone. The tournament will begin at 6 p.m. Shoot Reinhardt Central an email at with team members’ names and come compete to win. Individual players also are welcome.

Childhood Game Night will be held Thursday night April 20 at the Bannister Glasshouse in the Hasty Student Life Center and will bring back memories of students’ childhoods. Get prepared to see a bunch of college kids playing a variety of childhood favorites, such as Twister, Monopoly and Trouble. The games will begin at 7 p.m.

Intramural sports plans on ending the week on a fun note, as they will host their Disc Golf Tournament Saturday, April 22 on the intramural sports field. Disc golf is quite similar to regular golf; however, instead of using balls and golf clubs to sink a hole, players will use golf discs and aim for a Disc Pole Hole, a pole extending up from the ground with chains and a basket. The object of the game, like regular golf, is to complete each hole in the fewest number of throws. RU’s Disc Golf Course is a nine-hole course and offers a disc golf experience for beginners and pros that are up for the challenge. Get your rest the night before, as the tournament will start at 10 a.m. sharp.

By: Daniel Hinton

D.R.E.A.M.S hosts women’s history month inspired lip sync battle


The Hits by Her was an event dedicated to celebrating  women’s empowerment for women’s history month. Students and faculty competed against each other by singing songs by women in the music industry for T-shirt prizes.

DeVante Wynn, co-Advisor for D.R.E.A.M.S. said, “March is Women’s History Month so what better way to end March than an event focused on how women changed the music industry. “Hits by Her” is a fun way to pay homage to the talented women who used their musical talent to leave their impression on our world.”
The atmosphere of the event was lively and the students enjoyed one another’s performances. The event started off with Courtney Haynes, junior and early childhood education major and faculty member, Drew Childers, performing a classic, “You’re Gonna Love Me” by Jennifer Holiday. The rest of the performances were diverse and selections ranged from modern day female artists to a song from “Frozen”. Danielle Lynn Pray, Jada Hubbard and Jaleya Mosley set the atmosphere by performing “Cater to You,” by Destiny’s Child, with their boyfriends.
Some performers went more than once by themselves and with groups of friends. Haynes was one of the lively students that was a crowd favorite. She performed “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama ,a crowd favorite, with Pittman and friends. Amidst the hype, there was also a touching moment when Christian Hill, graduate student and marketing director for D.R.E.A.M.S.  performed a love song (“Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Lauryn Hill) to his girlfriend. Hill said, “I just wanted my lovely girlfriend to feel special. I wanted her to see that, in my eyes, nothing else was more important than seeing her smile. It was just an opportunity for me to really really make her happy.”
A Disney Channel song seemed to be one of the favorites of the night. Tori Windmiller and Luke Williams performed “Love is an Open Door” from the movie “Frozen”.
“My favorite performance of the night was Tori and Luke, they caught me off guard especially when they switched roles. I loved it,” said Pray, senior and biology major. ,.
Nerves may have been running rampant among the performers but it did not show because there was a lot of audience participation and support. “I was super nervous, but when we started it was super fun. Everyone was great and I loved the event!” said Windmiller, junior and early childhood education major. “I was especially nervous. I’m a relatively reserved and chill person. Getting up there in front of everyone was definitely one of the most extroverted things I’ve ever done, said Christian Hill, director of marketing for D.R.E.A.M.S.”
 Pray, Hubbard and  Mosley won the first place prize (first opportunity to choose T-shirts) and Haynes won the second place opportunity to pick T-shirts.

Erin Laas, sophomore and communication and media studies major expressed that she loves how Reinhardt brings people together by hosting these creative events.

“I’m glad that our event was able to generate a diverse crowd . We had people of all classifications, majors, sports, and ethnicity  present. We were able to bring everyone together and have a great time, said Hill.”

Written by: Deborah Dahn. Photo credits: Deborah Dahn & Jada Hubbard.

Anime Club hosts Disney Karaoke


Reinhardt’s Anime Club invites students to sing along with their favorite Disney songs.

This Friday evening at 6 p.m the Reinhardt student body is invited to cast off the stress of the school week and unwind with songs from their favorite Disney movies.

“I wanted to do an event that everyone could come to, because not everyone watches anime but everyone loves Disney” said event runner Cassie Strickland. Attendees are not expected to bring anything besides their singing voice for this event.

The event is set to run through 8 p.m in the Bannister Glasshouse and is open to all students at no cost.


Written by: Jacob Howard      Photo Credit: McKenna Haag