An Interview With A Senior


For most college students there is one thing on the mind at most times: Graduating. It may seem like a lifetime away, but college flies by so fast. I interviewed Sara Byers, who will be graduating in the spring, about her Reinhardt experience.

Sara says, “My favorite part about of RU is that it is a smaller university. You make better connections with your professors and peers, because classrooms are so much smaller, and it makes your learning enviroment less intimidating”. This is actually a very popular opinion about Reinhardt. Tons of people take that into consideration while deciding what university to attend. This is a very positive asset to RU.

While Reinhardt is small, it is also growing at a very fast pace. “One thing Reinhardt should take into consideration is the rapid growth rate” Sara says, ” the campus is not growing with the population of students. Housing could be improved, and there is not enough parking.” Many of times I have heard complaints about the limited housing and parking, but there is a lot of construction going on around campus. We can only hope for more housing and maybe another parking lot.

I asked Sara for any tips or tricks to get through Reinhardt or school in general. She says, “Always talk to your professors. In whatever major you choose, your professors want you to succeed and they do not mind helping out in any way they can.” This is great, because many students are afraid to speak with their professors one on one. This is their job and usually they are really good at it. Take advantage of the situation, and get the most out of your education.

College may seem hard, but you can get through it if you stay focused and on track. You may seem intimidated by schoolwork, professors, and maybe even classmates, but this is your education, so do your best. You will make it out of the woods.

Written By: Rebecca Cheeks

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