Little Bit of Mexico


I have lived in America my whole life, but that has not stopped me from experiencing my culture, and taking pride in it. The language, music, dances, traditions, fashion, and food are all things that make up my culture. Mexican music and dancing is a huge part of my culture. We enjoy having a good time, and dancing to music is what makes it all so enjoyable. Most Mexicans speak Spanish because it is their native language and those who don’t aren’t looked down upon at all. Everyone has different traditions, but the one that I find most common is having a piñata at a fiesta; it is enjoyable, fun, and very traditional. The thing that makes it most unique is that there is no other culture that consists of the same things that mine does.

Although I don’t speak my cultures native language I still know facts about Spanish. According to “Facts about Mexico”, about 80 percent of the Mexican culture primarily speak Spanish. Mexican Music is also something they cherish tremendously. Mariachi bands consist of five musicians that usually wear a suit called a “Charro.” It is a folk style of music and is very traditional. A “Charro” is a term that refers to a Mexican horseman; they wear Mexican hats, such as sombreros, and delicate patterned suits. Mexican music is always in Spanish, but is easily liked by those who don’t speak it, including myself. Mexico has the largest media industry in Latin America making pop and rock a popular genre. Along with music comes dancing; folk dancing is the most common dance in Mexico.

Everyone has their own traditions, but one of my favorite is the Piñata. The piñata is a papier-mâché object, such as a dog or a cat, filled with whatever you want. Normally it is filled with candy and toys, but it does not have to be. This tradition started in Spain and was used on

the first Sunday in Lent. This day became a fiesta called the ‘Dance of the Piñata’. It was once used only on this special occasion, but as time passed by, it became more and more popular and was being used for multiple types of fiestas, such as birthday fiestas and holiday fiestas. The Piñata is hung from the ceiling by and rope, that is adjustable so it can move either up or down. The fun part about having a Piñata at a fiesta (also known as a party) is that the children get blindfolded and get a certain amount of tries to bust the piñata open with a bat. Once the piñata is finally busted open, the candy falls everywhere, and all the children get to collect as much as they can.

According to “Live Science”, Fashion in Mexico is influenced by international trends. This means that the typical urban Mexican dresses are similar to what people wear in Europe and the United States. The typical outfit for a Mexican woman includes sleeveless tunics called huipils, capes that are called quechquémitls and shawls that are also known as rebozos. A man usually wears a sarape, which can be described as a large blanket cape, and some boots. Lastly, my favorite thing about being Mexican is the food. Mexican food is absolutely amazing. Our culture is known for making spicy dishes. The main things that are served in households and restaurants are tacos, tamales, and burritos. Horchata is the beverage that is most popular in Mexico. It is made of Rice, Cinnamon, and sometimes vanilla. It is a delicious drink that tastes like sweet milk.

The Mexican culture is one of my favorite cultures; not only because it is my culture, but because I find it very unique. The food, music, fashion, and traditions are all different things that separate the Mexican culture from others. Although we may share the same language with other cultures, we don’t share the same traditions. I think having traditions within your culture is

something to take pride in. It is something to celebrate and something that makes your culture special.

Written By: Jazzmyne Garcia

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