Students decorate tree for Christmas


As the fall semester comes to a close, Reinhardt students take the opportunity to come together and celebrate the holiday season by decorating the Glasshouse. With a warm fire lit and a table filled with cookies and hot-chocolate, students gathered on the evening of November 28 and enjoyed the merry atmosphere. Reinhardt senior Ansley Avera kicked off the decorating by topping the Christmas tree with a star, and other students began to fill the branches with blue and gold ornaments. Reinhardt sophomore Jessie Fanczi expressed her excitement while decorating saying, “I’m just really happy the ornaments are blue and gold. It’s a Reinhardt Christmas, the best kind of Christmas!” Students continued to hang garland above the windows, and enjoy warm conversation as campus minister Jamie Hudgins and others played Christmas songs for everyone. When asked what her favorite part of the Christmas season is, freshman Kaylee Jones responded, “I love the time you get to spend with family, because half of my only comes up during the Christmas season. I love the decorations and looking at all the lights, and I love the meaning behind it all. I basically love everything about Christmas! It’s my favorite time of year!” The Glasshouse was effectively transformed into a place of Christmas cheer after the decorating was complete.

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