D.R.E.A.M.S. general body meeting and plans for fall semester


Reinhardt’s multicultural group D.R.E.A.M.S. held a general body meeting on Oct. 5 to discuss upcoming events. In total 22 members and advisers were in attendance. The meeting commenced with a reminder for students to pay their membership fees and a quick discussion of plans for group t-shirts. Both new and returning members were reminded to attend the upcoming induction ceremony. On Oct. 19, D.R.E.A.M.S. adviser Julie Kirk will be holding a Professional Development event, members have requested the discussion of topics such as resumes, professional emails, interviews, elevator pitches, and social media presence. Other plans for upcoming events include their semi-annual lip sync battle, a movie night, and the next general body meeting, which is scheduled for Thursday Nov. 2.


The D.R.E.A.M.S. acronym stands for Developing Rationally Empowered African-American Members of Society. The D.R.E.A.M.S.organization is about empowering minorities. According to organization President, Nicholas Johnson, “We were founded in 2012, and when I first got here, there wasn’t like really a minority strength just in general, so our founder Adrian Hayes just kind of gave us a voice. That’s really what the main goal was, just to have a minority voice on campus.” In plans of getting more students involved with D.R.E.A.M.S., Johnson said, “ It’s really just a kind of word of mouth thing, we have our semi-annual lip sync battle, we did it last year and it was a big hit so we’re going to do another one in November for the D.R.E.A.M.S. organization, and then we’ll have our major one in the Spring semester for everyone. But it’s really just a word of mouth thing, just getting out in the community helping everybody just get to know what D.R.E.A.M.S. is about and what we stand for. That we’re a positive group, and we’re not necessarily just all about African Americans, we’re a diversity group, so anybody can be apart, the base emphasis was just on African Americans having a voice.”  Johnson also stated, “I think [D.R.E.A.M.S.] is just kind of getting you prepared for what you’re about to face in the real world. I mean you’re very kind of closed off, especially when you attend Reinhardt because you’re in the middle of nowhere, so you don’t necessarily get to experience everything that you would if you were attending a larger university. But we’re just trying to prepare our members for upcoming events that they’re going to face in the world.”


In reference to recent DACA rescind under the Trump administration, D.R.E.A.M.S. president made the statement, “I think the Trump administration is a little misguided, I don’t necessarily understand why you would take millions of individuals away and put them back in an environment that they don’t even know. It’s a little messed up, it’s a little unethical, and un-american. One thing that we advertise as a country is the ‘land of the free’, and everyone wants to come here to be free and have a great life.” DACA, which stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was an immigration policy that permitted individuals who entered the U.S. as minors to receive renewable deferred action, meaning they would not be automatically deported and could be eligible for a work permit. As of September the current presidential administration rescinded the policy, but full implementation has been delayed to give Congress a window of 6 months to save it.


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