Fall Season


Every late September, Mother Nature brings us a beautiful season full of colorful trees, s’mores, corn mazes, and monster masks. The fall season is favorited by many people, including myself, for various reasons. These reasons may include weather, food, different activities, or otherwise, but they all stand out just enough to make the fall season a beloved and admired one. One reason that the fall season is one of my favorites is because of the vibe it holds. The morphing leaves, dancing bonfires, cozy weather, and earthy smelling air all create a vibe that is so relaxing, humble, and loving. It brings joy and laughter to friends and families, which is always a beautiful thing.
“I love the fall because it’s when I can bring out my flyest clothes,” expressed a Reinhardt student. She explained how there are a lot of clothes, specifically talking about colorways and textures, that simply looked better in the fall season, and that are parallel to the fall season vibe. “In the fall, I bring out my cute jackets, scarves, boots, and things like that,” she said. “I can just dress comfortable and cute.” She also mentioned colors that she referred to as fall colors. Brown, army green, burgundy, and yellow are some of the colors she said she liked to wear in the fall. Another students also liked fall for the fashion aspect it brings. “I’m really into fashion and different styles,” he said. “And fall time brings out some of the best outfits. It’s nice and cool, and cool weather means you can finally wear jeans, hoodies, scarves, boots, beanies, and all those. The weather is perfect. Things aren’t quite freezing yet, but there is still a nice cool breeze in the air.” Both students expressed that the weather in the fall allowed for certain clothing they like to wear, and because of this reason, the fall season sits as their favorite season.
Sam, another Reinhardt student, also said fall was her favorite season. She agreed with the fashion statements, but she also felt strongly about the holidays and vibe throughout the season. “Some people begin putting up Halloween decorations way in September, and I just think that’s great. I love seeing all the different decorations,” she explained. “Then, we have Thanksgiving and Christmas just right around the corner. I feel like those holidays are just beautiful.” Just as I mentioned, Sam also thought the holidays in the fall season brought families and friends together, and she really loved this factor. “The talks around the bonfires and family rendezvous’ are some of the most significant things not only in the fall, but in life.”
Many of our Reinhardt students, including myself, love the fall season for various reasons including the weather, the styles of dress, and especially the vibe it creates. The falling colorful leaves, pumpkin carving, and family reunions all take part in making this beautiful season what it is.

Written By: Devin Françios

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