Trunk or Treat success


On the cool evening of October 25, Waleska UMC held its annual Trunk-Or-Treat in the parking lot of the Falany Performing Arts Center. A number of cars filled the lot, all with uniquely decorated trunks. Trick-Or-Treaters dressed in their best costumes gathered for candy and an assortment of games and activities such as corn hole and face painting. As the sun began to set, the sounds of trick-or-treaters filled the air and looks of joy and amusement were reflected in the faces of everyone present; for all the feelings of Halloween were there, even though it was indeed a few days early.

Among those who set up trunks were people of the community of Waleska, as well as members of Reinhardt University. Clubs and other extracurricular groups set up their own designated areas where they took part in the evening’s festivities, all while raising awareness of an important cause. Austin Garlinghouse, from the social behavioral sciences club, Pike MMU, spoke on his club’s doings saying, “We are here doing a game of bottle flip to give candy to kids, and also getting donations and selling t-shirts for the Year of Cuba to donate the money to a couple of elementary schools for backpacks and school lunches”. Adetunji Adesesan, of the African Descendants Association, had an interactive trunk where kids could play the drums for candy.The African Descendants Association has worked with non-profit organizations and orphanages in Africa, all for the sake of helping those in need. Adetunji describes the purpose of the association as, “A way for students to help give back to the continent of Africa”.

After a couple of hours, an unforgettable evening came to an end. Trick-or-Treaters began to disperse, and decorations were to be disassembled. The feelings of Halloween still remained, as the actual day was not too far in the future. Join us next year for yet another fun-filled,”Halloween before Halloween”.

Written By: Cameron Davis

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