Reinhardt University Opera students give showstopping performance


On the evening of Oct. 20, the Reinhardt University Opera performed in the Falany Performing Arts Center. The audience sat around the atrium as music students put on a stellar performance, starting with the sounds of classical opera, then transitioning into a story of love and its quirks in the 21 century. Scenes portrayed wide ranges of emotions with a lingering humor throughout, adding to the lightheartedness of the performance. University president, Dr. Kina S. Mallard, described it as, “Fabulous. The students just get better and better every year. You get to come and be entertained; their talent is really incredible. When asked on how he felt about the performance, opera director, Corey Schantz, stated, I thought the kids did a fantastic job. Theyve done a wonderful job working to become active storytellers and to be able to connect to the emotions in the text. They took a huge step as performers and as artists tonightThe crowd smiled though the entire performance, affirming Schantz’ statement about the growth and success of the performers.  

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