International Culture Fest celebrates Reinhardt’s diversity


Reinhardt International Culture Festival showcases the university diversity as a group. While diversity may be shown in how someone looks or where they were born, their way of life shows who they are as human beings even more.

The International Culture Fest, held April 12 in the Bannister Glasshouse, highlights what international students have to share, from music and food to attire, arts and dance.

“International Culture Fest is a day that brings us together as one through our various cultures,” said Tunji Adesan, advisor for international student. “It is therefore important for us as a university to come together and celebrate our diversity through this great event.”

Each table represents the country of each student, and it highlights the country’s culture, history, geographical location and interesting places to visit. The International Culture Festival happens once a year in the spring semester. There were different activities including cultural dances, music, fashion shows and an animal show. There was also food from all over the world brought in or made by students and faculty.

The countries that participated in the International Culture Festival this year include: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, China, Eritrea, Egypt, Ethiopia, El-Salvador, France, Germany, Guatemala, Haiti, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Liberia, Laos, Montenegro, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Ukraine, United States  and  Venezuela.

“It would nice to see more students and faculty participating in the event next year,” Adesan said. “This year we had 35 countries represented at the International Culture Festival 2017, and we had tables set for each country. However, in comparison to last year, we have more countries represented this year. We have five new countries such as: Argentina, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Serbia, and Austria.”

Written by Yamit Vodavoz.

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