Two Reinhardt sophomores fundraising for Guatemala mission trip


When freshman Annese Blockley attended a Reinhardt’s Women’s Leadership Program meeting one evening, she was not expecting the speaker to remind her of a desire God placed on her heart years ago to enter the missions field.

On July 15, 2017, Blockley and sophomore George Seddon will be boarding a plane in Atlanta to travel to Guatemala City, Guatemala. For a week, the two will join a missions group to help teach Vacation Bible School, along with other service projects, through a missions organization called Identify the Mission.

Blockley says the trip was not at all on her radar until she met Kristi Carr, the founder of Identify the Mission. Blockley has participated in a mission trip to Atlanta for the Lazarus Project to provide “on site healthcare, food, clothing and other supplies” and said it was “incredibly life-changing.” This time, Blockley is interested in having meaningful interactions.

“I love kids, and I love to love on kids. I hope to see these children relax and feel safe while they are under our care. There’s not too much I am hoping to gain for myself, however, I know the trip will be incredibly eye-opening,” said Blockley. “I know I will learn a lot about the world and what it’s like to live in an underdeveloped country.”

Seddon said he has never personally attended a mission trip, although his family members have participated in trips in the past. One of his hopes for the trip is to broaden his perspective on life, and his other biggest hope is to focus on others’ lives outside of his own.

“I know focusing on ourselves in moderation is not an unhealthy behavior; I believe we should love and take care of ourselves. However, I also believe loving others and caring for their needs is an essential part of being human as well, and I think we limit our purpose, impact and potential fulfillment when we do not extend beyond our own lives,” said Seddon. “By no means am I perfect in the pursuit of this goal, I do not think any of us are, but I believe we can all reach this worthy goal if we are willing to take advantage of the opportunities around us to live beyond ourselves and step into the life and need of another person.”

Blockely and Seddon have raised $1,205 and are aiming to reach $1,800. They have hosted bake sales and a car wash so far to achieve their goal. Donations can be made to their trip at or

Written by: Jordan Beach; Photo provided by: Annese Blockley

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