Two S-CAP sessions for the price of one (free)


The March session of S-CAP had two sessions in one.In the first session, Terra Glover, Professional Project Manager, spoke on Project Management for Life. In the second session, Cindy Moss, Lecturer of Business Administration, brought in a Reinhardt Alumnus (Melissa Palmer) to speak about Skype etiquette and her boss Chad Steward from 3Ci (a staffing company), to speak about social media tips in the workplace. After they spoke, Cindy Moss spoke about strategic tech tools for the workplace.

In the session about Project Management for Life, Terra Glover defined what a project was and taught about the twelve qualities of a project manager. She also taught about the five processes of managing a project. Glover was an interactive presenter and had activities for the students to do in order for them to understand the concepts she talked about. There was an activity called Zoom, where two teams were formed. The teams got stacks of pictures, like a picture puzzle. They had to work as a team to put the pictures in order. In the next activity the students had to plan and manage a project. The project was Club Activities Day. There were three teams of two and they had to compete against each other to see who planned the most detailed event. Jordan Beach’s team won for the most detailed event. After reviewing the project planning, Cindy Moss introduced the students to Chad Steward.

Chad Steward works for a company called 3Ci. They connect people to various technology jobs,  train leaders, and train people how to communicate. He spoke about the importance of keeping social media clean, not using social media for personal reasons while on the job, making it easier to work with employers, and having an attitude of gratitude. After he briefly explained these topics, he introduced Melissa Palmer (an employee of 3Ci and Reinhardt Alumnus).

Melissa Palmer  presented the Skype do’s and don’ts for conducting an interview. The tips that she stressed  were good lighting and angle placement of your laptop, being in a quiet place, eye contact with the camera, and visibly taking notes while a potential employer is talking.

The last speaker, Cindy Moss, discussed how to use social media to advance yourself professionally by giving tips on how to better use LinkdIn, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. She also warned about being careful who you are friends with on social media because employers also look at what your friends post. She ended her presentation by showing how to use the One Note and Sway software.



Written by: Deborah Dahn               Photo Credits: Deborah Dahn 

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