Advertising class working with the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund

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Stephanie Marchant’s COM 312 Advertising and Marketing Principles Class is working with the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund to raise awareness about the coalition and breast cancer. The class is doing two video projects for the coalition. One of the videos will include breast cancer survivors, and the other video will advertise the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund and explain what the coalition does.

“We want to tell the story of how everyone is affected by breast cancer and how they can find out how to help by collecting images of people we know around the world holding signs that read ‘#Ihave2020Vision.’ The hashtag alludes to how nationally, even globally, we want to eradicate breast cancer by the year 2020. In reality, breast cancer is curable. It is only when it metastasizes that it kills,” Instructor of Communication and Media Studies, Stephanie Marchant, said.

At first, Marchant’s class project was going to be creating promotional materials for their fundraiser as well as general awareness pieces, but the students really wanted to give the group something they could use so they decided on the idea of the video. The students pitched their idea to the executive director and a board member, who loved the idea.

“The Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition is proud to serve as the “real world’ client for Reinhardt’s COM 312 students,” said Amy Upchurch, GBCCF’s Executive Director. “We look forward to seeing their class projects and being able to utilize the materials they create as a part of our overall public relations efforts,” added Upchurch.

Marchant’s class is asking people around the world to hold white signs with “I have #2020Vision” printed clearly and boldly.

In addition to the projects, the COM 312 class visited the Georgia Capital on Feb. 28 to see how laws regarding breast cancer patients and healthcare are passed.

“The advocacy trip was great. I met and had lunch with women legislators and got to meet my representative. This was made possible through the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund. They told these women about how their organization educates, advocates and is a voice for people with breast cancer. These women legislators pass laws that affect everybody living in Georgia so the goal of the trip was for these women to come together to support passing laws in regards to health care for people with breast cancer,” COM 312 student, Deborah Dahn, said.

Anyone from the Reinhardt community who is interested in contributing to this project can email their image to Include the name of the person in the photo and where the photo was taken.

Written By: Kelly Kipfer. Photo Credit: Stephanie Marchant.



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