Anime Club Spotlight


Anime is a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children. The Anime Club began two years ago with students who wanted to connect with other students by watching and discussing their favorite anime. Games are now being incorporated in meetings. New members as well as old ones anticipate the new endeavors this semester is bringing to Anime Club.

In a regular Anime meeting, two or three Anime shows or movies are watched and the members discuss it over refreshments. This years  meetings centered on more than the films. The President of the Anime club, Drew Hans, stated that “we are focusing on more discussions and group games.” That is one of the methods that they are using to grow the club and make it thrive.

Members were asked to rate the film as part of the discussion. Questions were also asked and answered in order to better understand the film as well as the cultural meanings behind the films. This semester, they will be watching two ongoing series per meeting and play one game. They have played Ware Wolves, Fluxx, Uno, Monopoly, and Charades.

New members as well as old members are excited about the future of Anime Club this upcoming semester.  Kristina Jones said, “I anticipate broadening my horizons into a different culture and meeting new people.” Another member, Levi Cochran expressed his excitement for joining Anime club by stating, “it sparked my interest, I was curious to see what they would do, plus I wanted to find a club to join on campus.”

Overall, the members are extremely excited about the new events that are being implemented. There is an Anime Convention that they go to every year called AWA (Anime Weekend in Atlanta), and they are ecstatic about going with more people this year. Approximately 10 people went last year. There are different sessions where people dress up in cosplay. This event is similar to Dragon Con. They had a Valentines day marathon where marathons from Studio Ghibli such as Ponyo and Whispers of the Heart were played. Recently, they hosted a Disney Kareoke event

Anime Club meets every Thursday at 7pm in Lawson 110, so if you are interested in joining contact Drew Hans ( , Cassie Strickland (, or Adrienne Lawrence (


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