Community Gathering series continues with speaker Tina Savas


As a woman who does not like to work for others, entrepreneur, speaker and author of “Women of True Grit,” Tina Savas offered her thoughts on the topic of “Vision,” sharing her ideas on accomplishing goals and dreams for the future.

Freshman and member of Reinhardt’s Women Leadership Program Taylor Savas showed President Kina Mallard her aunt’s book, “Women of True Grit,” to which Dr. Mallard responded with a request to have Savas speak at the first Community Gathering event of the semester.

The event was held in Bannister Glasshouse on Wed., Jan. 25 at 1 p.m. and was sponsored by the first year leadership program.

Savas touched on three main ways people obtain vision, saying it is something one can be born with, something one can dream of or something that can fill a void. One of the main themes of the presentation was self-awareness, in which Savas explained was something that enabled people to know what they have in order to contribute to life. It also helps people find their strengths and weaknesses.

“My vision is for everyone to find their sense of purpose, because if you are not fulfilled on a daily basis when you wake up in the morning, you will not be happy,” Savas said. “And it’s not chasing money that’s going to get you there. And I dare say in our world, our tumultuous situation that we find ourselves in, a lot of that is due to people not having a sense of purpose.”

Specifically to college students, Savas’ advice was to take advantage of resources offered at school. “I would use every trick in the book at my disposal from my professors and my school because you’re not just paying tuition to learn, you’re paying tuition to work the system and get as much as you can. I find that a lot of students don’t do that.”

As a member of Reinhardt’s Women Leadership Program, freshman MaKayla Newell attended the Community Gathering and felt inspired by Savas’ words.

“I felt inspired to push past limits and walls that society has created for women,” said Newell. “I also feel like we need to be willing to bring up the injustices no matter what they are, because there will be no change unless someone has the courage to stand up for what is right.”

Future Community Gathering events include:

Feb. 22 Perspectives: Black History Month Program

March 22 Josh Martin, Award winning Social Media Specialist/Senior Director, Digital and Social Media for Arby’s

April 12 End of Year Program TBD

Written by: Jordan Beach.

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