Bringing back the ‘40s: Jaimee Paul to ignite FPAC stage


This Friday, vocalist Jaimee Paul will be bringing her classic jazz show to the Falany Performing Arts Center (FPAC) on campus.

While versed in other genres, such as gospel, as well as paying tribute to the music of the James Bond series, Paul is perhaps best known for her jazz performances. “She is a fabulous jazz artist,” said Jessica Akers, FPAC’s director. “[Ms. Paul] reflects some of the best from the jazz genre.”

In addition to performing the music on stage,  Paul holds a love for the genre prompting her to record and perform covers of classic Jazz songs in her tribute show.

Titled “Always and Forever,” this show pays tribute to the style of Jazz popular in clubs around the country in the 1940s. The songs to be performed are gathered from the music of popular female vocalists of the era including Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Rosemary Clooney. Joined by her husband Leif Shires on the trumpet, Jaimee Paul will deliver a performance, which the FPAC website promises “…will certainly take you back to the glory days of yesteryear.”

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Written By: Jacob Howard. Photo courtesy of

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