Moonlight Madness returns to Reinhardt

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Moonlight Madness

The Reinhardt basketball programs, with help from the Student Activities Council, hosted Moonlight Madness during the week of homecoming.

The event, held Oct. 24, was one of the week’s festivities where students came out to participate in miscellaneous activities with the men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Moonlight Madness has not occurred at Reinhardt in a few years, however, students still made a strong turnout.

“This is the first time we’ve done it in, I believe, four years,” Sports Information Director Jason Hanes said.

The 100 tickets redeemable for a free T-shirt were gone 15 minutes before the event was scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. SAC provided pizza in the lobby of the gym for students entering the event, and the bleachers were filled shortly after the event began.

“We were very pleased with the amount of students who came out for the evening,” Hanes said.

The teams were welcomed to the floor by the RU cheerleading squad, as Hanes announced each player’s name and some information about them, followed by cheers from the crowd. The coaching staff was introduced, the teams were seated and the cheerleading squad gave a brief performance.

Festivities began with a 3-point competition, where competitors from the men’s and women’s team faced off against their teammates and had 60 seconds to make as many 3-point shots as they could. The winners from each group, Junior Corey Tobin and Senior Erika Woodfin, then faced off. Tobin came away the victor.

“Players seemed to get most excited about the 3-point contest when it was the women’s team winner vs. the men’s team winner,” Hanes said.

Spectators were involved with the next event, where 10 volunteers participated in a huge game of knockout with players from the women’s team.

Various events filled the remaining time, including a shooting contest with staff members, a brief men’s basketball scrimmage and a dunking contest for both teams.

“The event went very well,” Hanes said.

It’s important to introduce the teams and players to motivate the start of their season. However, Reinhardt’s version of the kickoff is scheduled differently than other schools.

“In some places, it’s a start of basketball practice, but here, we try to do it about the week of the first game,” Hanes said.

The basketball season started Oct. 29, shortly after Moonlight Madness, with both teams taking home wins against Webber International University. The next men’s game is Nov. 4 at Johnson and Wales University, and the next women’s game is Nov. 3 at home against Warner University.


Story By: Thomas May. Photo By: Jaydon Smith

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