Homecoming Block Party Rallies Reinhardt

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Block Party

In order to get students into the homecoming spirit, Student Activities hosted a late night Block Party and Pep Rally on Hasty Plaza.

The event was held Oct. 27 at 9 p.m. and featured a live DJ, a food stand and a few inflatable attractions. Other activities included boxing with oversized gloves, hopping across red inflatable balls similar to an episode of Wipeout and playing skee ball on an inflatable board.

The excitement created by the event was evident as students laughed and smiled throughout the festivities. This enthusiasm was evident to onlookers.

“It’s always fun to see everyone come together and have fun to show school pride. I always love coming to these events and I don’t even go here,” Gordy Dining employee Rachel Riley said.

Pep Rally activities also included the RU marching band playing fight songs. The cheer team was on hand to build excitement. During the rally, various representatives of Reinhardt sports teams addressed the crowd from DJ stage and thanked everyone for coming. Players asked the crowd to further support their efforts by attending upcoming games.

The rally attracted a sizable crowd and it appeared to be a positive kickoff for the homecoming activities.

“I love it when I see a big turnout of students to a sponsored event. As long as they behave themselves,” Public Safety Officer Rhonda Kelley said.

A full list of homecoming activities can be found here. 


Written By: Jacob Howard. Photo By: Jacob Howard

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