Elton John and Billy Joel tribute performers play to sold out FPAC

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Tribute Show

Mike Santoro and Ronnie Smith played face-to-face in a Billy Joel and Elton John tribute show at The Falany Performing Arts Center . The sold-out crowd enjoyed hit songs from the past.

The performance took place at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 20.

Many audience members seemed to enjoy the tribute show.

“I think it’s really true to the original. It was a fun time,” senior Music Performance major, Ian Scheffer, said.

Santoro’s band, The Stranger, participated in the performances. The show started off with fast-paced songs, and then slower-paced songs were played to make a well-balanced performance.

Some audience members thought the sound quality didn’t work that well with the performances.

“I thought it wasn’t a great mix. The drums were a little too loud over everything else,” senior Music Education major, Trent Futch, said.

Overall, most of the audience members seemed to really be into the performances. Many audience members were signing along to Billy Joel and Elton John hit songs that were being performed on stage.

Santoro and Smith played one hit song after another in their tribute, keeping the lively audience engaged.

Mike Santoro performed Billy Joel favorites like “Uptown Girl” and “Only the Good Die Young.”

Ronnie Smith performed Elton John favorites like “Crocodile Rock” and “Bennie and the Jets.”

The show started off with both performers, Santoro and Smith, performing as Billy Joel and Elton John playing their pianos. After a few songs, Ronnie Smith/Elton John left stage for a break, while Mike Santoro/Billy Joel kept entertaining the audience on stage.

This tribute show gave audience members the chance to watch Santoro and Smith perform Billy Joel and Elton John favorites, that were so close to the original performers.

The lively sold-out audience seemed to be happy with the Billy Joel and Elton John tribute show, as they gave a standing ovation to the performers at the end of the show. 


Written By: Kelly Kipfer. Photo Credit: Kelly Kipfer. 

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