Reinhardt University adds bowling program


This year, Reinhardt University added a few new sports programs. One of these new programs is bowling, which many people may have not known as a collegiate sport.

The men and women’s bowling teams will compete in the Mid- South Conference, which is the same conference as the football and wrestling teams. With the addition of Reinhardt, the Mid-South Conference will have 13 teams on the men’s side and 12 on the women’s side. Both RU men and women’s bowling teams will be coached by Stoney Baker, who owns Cherokee Lanes in Canton.

Kyle Lewis, a freshman and member of Reinhardt’s first bowling team, is looking forward to the upcoming season.

“This season is our inaugural season for bowling and I feel that we can really serve as a contender in this year’s competition. My teammates and I have been practicing very hard on our own and are eager to start team practices. We hope that the students will support us in our competitions and bowling matches,” Lewis said.

Each bowling team consists of at least five bowlers. The bowlers compete as individuals and as a part of the team. A typical event lasts one to two days.

Each team member bowls at least three games on the first day. Team seeds are then calculated based on individuals performances. The team competes together in the afternoon of day one or on day two in “Baker games.” During the Baker games, each team member plays a set number of frames and the team score is then calculated.

The team competition is usually best two out of three or three out of five. The team winner is the last team left after going through the bracket of Baker games. The individual winner comes from the scores of the early individual competition. Additionally, there can also be doubles played following the Baker System. If these are played, they would take place at the same time as the individual play.

Jason Hanes, Reinhardt’s Sports Information Director, said he believes this is a great opportunity for Reinhardt and its students.

“The addition of men’s and women’s bowling is another tremendous opportunity for students at Reinhardt University to learn the life lessons that come with being part of a team. The camaraderie and teamwork that come with being part of being part of an athletic endeavor is something that can’t really be replicated in the classroom,” Hanes said.

The team’s schedule will be announced before the end of the semester.


Written by: Allie Hale. Photo By:

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