Cordis captivates FPAC audience

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Cordis, a group of performers from Boston, used a combination of unique music, a rockish sound mixed with classical music, and colorful lighting to awe the audience at their well-attended show in The Falany Performing Arts Center.

The performance took place at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 3.

Cordis performed the following pieces composed by Richard Grimes:  Minutes to Months, A Hand to Wave, Away Game, Angelstyle, The Living End, Matewan, Spero, The Only, Up High, Down Low and Seems. The evening also included performances of  The Way You Say, composed by Andrew Beall and Preface to God,  composed by Jeremy Harman.

The group used the world’s longest-playing cylinder-shaped music box in their performances, which added a special flare to their sound.

“It was really unique. Something that I wasn’t expecting. I got a vibe from it that I haven’t got listening to anything else,” junior Chelsea Brown said.

Cordis first created their original sound in 2007. They use the piano, keyboard, percussion, cello and a special type of music box in their performances to form the foundation of their sound. Colorful lighting is displayed to match the mood of the piece and appeal to multiple senses.

“They are awesome. I’m having a great time. I love how they are a mix of new age and classical music,” senior Marianella Lopez said.

Those who missed Cordis performing can listen to them by purchasing their album, SEAMS which dropped last month.

More information about Cordis, their album and a list of upcoming performances can be found on their website.


Written By: Kelly Kipfer

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