Karaoke night closes first night of Family Weekend on a high note

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The first night of Reinhardt University’s Family Weekend event ended on a high note, quite literally, as parents and RU students enjoyed a fun night of dancing and karaoke.

The event, held on Friday, Sept. 30, at the Bannister Glasshouse, featured a live DJ with karaoke, and provided food and drinks to the guests.  Reinhardt students and their parents enjoyed a fun-filled night of singing and dancing.

Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Activities, Dr. Walter May, described the inspiration behind Family Weekend and expressed his satisfaction with the turnout and participation of the karaoke night.

“Family Weekend was an opportunity to welcome back parents and families of students, and for them, as well as students, to take advantage of a myriad of programs and activities throughout the weekend,” Dr. May said. “The turnout for the Family Karaoke Night was wonderful and the event was a huge success. Over 90 students signed-in who attended the event along with 23 family members and guests for a total of 113 attendees.”

Among the karaoke night attendees was freshman psychology major, Tally Reams, along with her family.

“It’s been amazing,” Reams said of the event. “I liked hanging out with my friends and singing.”

Reams and Hensley
Student Tally Reams and her mom Kathy Hensley

Reams also shared her thoughts on performing a karaoke duo with her mom, Kathy Hensley.

“I loved it,” Reams said excitedly, turning to her mom, “I get it from her!”

Students were not the only ones having a good time, however. Tally’s mom, Kathy Hensley, said she enjoyed the event and getting to spend time with her daughter.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” Hensley said.  “I like seeing all the participation. The best part of the night was singing with my daughter.  We surprised her by driving to visit her this weekend.  I don’t get the chance to see her as much as some of the other parents do.”

Hensley also expressed her excitement about future plans for another family weekend karaoke night.

“Oh yeah,” Hensley said. “I’ll host it for you!”

Apparently, Dr. May shares Hensley’s enthusiasm.

“This was the first time karaoke night was hosted in connection with Family Weekend,” Dr. May said. “And, we will definitely plan on including Family Karaoke as part of future Family Weekends.”


Written By: Adria Mulrooney. Photos by: Jaydon Smith

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