Reinhardt University Leadership Academy kicks-off 8th annual conference

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Leadership Conference

The Reinhardt University Leadership Academy, sponsored by Student Government Association, launched its 8th annual fall conference with guest speaker Chicka Elloy.

Elloy is a writer for USA Today Education and has been affiliated with numerous programs and organizations around the world. His unique learning style and educational themes granted his work being referred to by the White House. In 2011-2012, Elloy was voted Best Daddy Blogger by parents magazine. One thing led to another, and Elloy was granted appearances on Huffington Post Live.  Elloy has traveled the world and given speeches on leadership to all types of people.

Elloy presented the first conference, Step Up; Stand Out at the Bannister Glasshouse. He has given speeches about leadership all over the United States from employees to students. He is known for his interactive speeches. Elloy uses exercises and games to help explain concepts of leadership. The speech started off with a game of musical chairs, which was broken up into girls and boys. Chicka Elloy used this simple children’s game to inspire meaningful conversation about leadership and the skills a leader should have. He moved on to a game of “Simon Says” and used the game to talk about the “Line of Circumstance.” Chicka Elloy used these games to teach the students about leadership in a way they could understand.

After the conference, Elloy talked about his experience in leadership,

”From when I was 15 years old, I always wanted to be an educator. [And] for me seeing the difference in others after they leave seminars like this always makes the difference for me. So the selfish side is that I get to watch people grow [and] the unselfish side is the people that I am working with are going to be the leaders of what my kids are growing up into. So if you set the tone then my kids are going to follow so anything that I can do to impact that is going to be important,” Elloy said.

Elloy went on to say that all of his material is recycled and most of it comes sitting on planes and growing himself. He looks up to people such as integral and well-behaved athletes and strays away from cultural leaders like Kanye West.

Stand up, Stand Out is a first of a group of conferences on student leadership happening this semester. A conference will be held every month until December. If you would like to attend a future conference, information and sign up can be found on the Reinhardt official website.

This series of leadership conferences are designed to help empower students. The goal is for students to develop leadership skills that can be used throughout their lives in any situation.

Upcoming RULA Events

Leadership and Lemonade: Leadership for a Better World with Meredith Keating
Friday, Oct. 21, Bannister Glasshouse, 1-2 p.m.

Leadership and Lemonade: Leading Out of Character with Rev. Ted Goshorn
Friday, Nov. 18, Bannister Glasshouse, 1-2 p.m.


Written By: Marvin Monroe and Jaydon Smith. Photo Credits: Jaydon Smith

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