Comedy show brings laughs, introduces new leadership program


Comedienne Leanne Morgan had the audience roaring with laughter at the comedy fundraising event for the Reinhardt Women’s Leadership Program.

Morgan is a storyteller so she uses that to reach her audience. She brought the community together with jokes to which many could relate.

“The show was fun! She told stories about her life and made it funny,” said Anne-Carine Exume, a senior vocal performance major.

Reinhardt President Dr. Kina Mallard said she used the show to officially introduce Reinhardt Women’s Leadership Program to the community.

“The Leanne Morgan event at the FPAC was a successful kick-off of our fundraising campaign for the Women’s Leadership Program at Reinhardt. The event gave us an opportunity to introduce the members of the 2016-2017 class to the community and to introduce the program as a whole,” Mallard said.

Morgan was lively on stage and acted out some of the things she was saying in a way that made the audience laugh. The audience erupted into laughter when she told of her daughter’s cheerleading story.

The women’s leadership program is new to Reinhardt this year. Ten freshmen are selected to participate each year and receive scholarships for their participating. Upperclassmen are selected to be role models for the new students.

Senior and vocal performance major Marianella Lopez was selected to be one of the student mentors.

“In order to be a mentor you must be a woman, an upperclassman, as well as a president of a club,” Lopez said, adding she is the president of three clubs and is the founder of one (RU Cares). As a mentor she works with these women by doing leadership exercises with them.

Morgan embodies confidence, which is part of what the leadership program aims to do. While Morgan said that she knew she wanted to be a star when she was a child, she did not know which path she would take.

“Since the age of five I wanted to be in show business but I did not know it was comedy,” she said.

Morgan started speaking to other moms and people began to tell her that she should do stand-up and soon she started speaking at events and theaters. Then she took on stand-up comedy in clubs, and her career took off.

She is a wife and mother who was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. She has also been highly recognized by the likes of Dr. Phil, Paula Deen and more. Morgan is regularly on the Sirus XM radio station and she has her own show on Blue Collar Radio. She tells stories from how she met her husband to how she joined Weight Watchers nine times. Morgan was also a finalist on Nick at Nite’s Funniest Moms in America. She has had contracts with Warner Brothers and is working on a big project this year. Morgan is expected to have a half-hour sitcom with Lionsgate. 

She advises young comedians/comediennes to go to open mic nights, move to a big city and to be themselves. Storytelling works for her but if a comic finds their style and develops it, they can succeed, she said. She also advises to not give into the pressures of Hollywood and what they expect.

She also tells young women who want to do more than what is expected of them to do it, persevere.

“A woman can do anything a man can do,” Morgan said. “You can do anything with God.”


Written By: Deborah Dahn. Photo Via: 93.7 KLBJ FM Austin –

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