Magician Joshua Lozoff Mystifies FPAC Audience

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Joshua Lozoff

Longtime magician and former actor Joshua Lozoff performed illusions, mind games and sleight of hand tricks in his show at the Falany Performing Arts Center.

The magic began at 7:30 p.m. Saturday as Lozoff, known for his recurring role on the 1980’s hit TV show Cheers, entered to an enthusiastic audience. The show’s content primarily focused on the power of suggestion and an emphasis was placed on connections between people, even total strangers. This was meant to highlight how individual choices are not random.

Sophomore Riley Levitt said these aspects of the show took it to a “…more real level and made it deeper.”

Throughout the performance, participants were asked to write down a four-digit number at random, and Lozoff attempted to guess the numbers with no success. At the end of the show, Lozoff asked for an audience member to add the numbers together. He explained that the number possibly corresponded to an entry in a dictionary. An audience member turned to the corresponding entry, the word “magic.”

“It really made me think about how there really could be a pattern in everything we do, even if we aren’t aware of it,” said Gordy employee Rachel Riley.

Another highlight of the performance was when Lozoff asked an audience member to color an image while he looked away. Once the image was complete, Lozoff removed an envelope from the wall and revealed the note’s content to the audience at the same moment the audience member revealed her colored image. The two matched perfectly.

The audience appeared to have a great time as demonstrated by their continuous laughter and applause throughout the night.

The Falany Performing Arts Center will continue to bring a variety of performers to campus throughout the fall semester. Next, Cordis will perform on Oct. 3 at 7:30 p.m. More information can be found on the Reinhardt website.


Written By: Jacob Howard: Photo Credits: Jacob Howard. Featured Image: A student volunteer from the audience assists Lozoff with a trick. 

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