Reinhardt University campuses go tobacco free


A policy prohibiting all tobacco products on Reinhardt campuses went into effect June 1. The tobacco-free policy at Reinhardt University prohibits smoking, chewing tobacco and vaping on campus.

The policy, introduced by the University’s leadership team, is meant to create a safer, healthier campus. When enacting this policy, the leadership team aimed to “foster a healthy and safe environment for all students, employees and visitors while on campus or on other University properties.”

The university started the transition to a tobacco-free campus last fall, according to David Leopard, Vice President for Finance and Administration. At that time, the university restricted tobacco use to designated areas and announced the impending school-wide tobacco-free policy.Reinhardt Campus

The establishment of tobacco-free policies on college campuses has become increasingly common in recent years. In Georgia, the University System of Georgia system became tobacco-free as of Oct. 1, 2014, according to its website.

Lisbeth Coleman, an RU freshman Business major, believes this policy could greatly benefit the Reinhardt community.

“This could really help people’s health. Smoking doesn’t only affect those who smoke, but everyone around them. This will definitely help make a better environment,” she said.

Taylor Asher, a senior and Biology major, expressed appreciation for this new policy.

“Smoking causes many health risks, mainly different types of cancer,” she said. “However, with a tobacco-free campus, students won’t be as affected by other people’s actions. Also, Reinhardt is promoting the idea that smoking is bad and does cause health risks.”

To assist faculty and staff with this transition, the university offered classes and other support measures to those interested in quitting smoking. According to Leopard, these services are also available to students upon request.

The former tobacco-use areas on campus have been replaced with benches and hammock posts to encourage people to make use of Reinhardt’s beautiful, healthy campus.

Any violations related to the tobacco-free policy should be reported to the Office of Student Affairs when students are involved and to Human Resources when employees are involved.


Written By: Allie Hale. Feature Image: Excerpt from the 2016-2017 Student Handbook. Campus Photo Credit: Katie Hale. 

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