Students hunt Pokemon during campus event


More than 60 students, alumni and friends decided to let loose and have fun last week as they gathered at the Falany Performing Arts Center to hunt for virtual Pokemon on campus.

Launched in July, Pokemon GO is a mobile app that allows players to catch virtual creatures on their phones. Much like it did in the late 90s, Pokemon fever spread through the country yet again.

This event was held Sept. 7 at 6 p.m. and sponsored by Reinhardt Resident Assistant Christian Gates who hoped the event would get students our of their dorms and help them meet other students.

A screenshot of a phone during the Pokemon search
A screenshot of a phone during the Pokemon search

“It was a lot of fun,” said freshman Michaela Brock. “I made some new friends and caught a Pikachu!”

Participants were given homemade Pokeballs, the items used to capture Pokemon, and special items to increase Pokemon encounters. While waiting for Pokemon to appear on their devices, the students compared their captured creatures. Though each member of a Pokemon species is identical in appearance, they are not equally powerful.

The group searched campus together and successfully captured a gym. Gyms are landmarks where players are able to deposit Pokemon, allowing teams to battle and attempt to take over a space. Holding a gym earns players in-game currency and a chance to strengthen their Pokemon.

After the gym battle and exploring the majority of campus, the group returned to FPAC and continued to hunt Pokemon before parting ways.

“It was a lot of fun. We all just hung out, debated what teams were best, caught some Pokemon and ate snacks. I look forward to another one of Christian’s RA events,” said sophomore Chase Brackett.


Written By: Jacob Howard. Photo Credits: Jacob Howard. Feature Image: Pictured left to right: Hannah Craton (Alumni), Chase Brackett (Sophomore) and Christian Gates (Junior).

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