Registrar: Graduation applications due by Sept. 6 or a late fee will apply


By Jacob Howard

Any student who plans to graduate in May 2017 needs to have his/her graduation application turned in by Sept. 6 or a late fee will apply.

To graduate from Reinhardt University, all students must complete this application. According to the Registrar, Janet Rodning, “these applications are due in the term prior to degree completion so the Office of the Registrar can verify remaining degree requirements in time for students to make adjustments to their spring schedules if needed.”

Eric Graham points to the box containing Graduation Applications.
Eric Graham points to the box containing Graduation Applications.

The process to complete the application requires several steps, so it’s important students are aware of what they need to do. Records and Registration Administrator Eric Graham, Jr. explained the steps:

  1. Students should obtain a Graduation Application from the Registrar’s Office located on the main floor of the Burgess Administration Building. Forms are also available online (see instruction below).
  2. Students should fill out the application completely. The Registrar warns that incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  3. The completed application should be taken to the student’s advisor. The advisor will attach a completed program grid and sign the application form.
  4. The application and program grid should then be taken to the student’s dean for a signature. The deans are:
    • Dr. Glynis Blackard – Dean, School of Nursing
    • Dr. Wayne Glowka – Dean, School of Arts & Humanities
    • Dr. Jacob Harney – Dean, School of Mathematics and Science
    • Dr. Katherine Hyatt – Dean, the McCamish School of Business
    • Dr. Cindy Kiernan – Dean, Price School of Education
    • Dr. Fredrick Tarrant – Dean, School of Performing Arts
  5. The completed and signed forms should then be taken to the Business Office located on the first floor of the Burgess Administration Building. After paying the $75, the Business Office will sign the form and it can then be submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the student. Late submissions will be charged an additional fee.

Without a properly submitted application, students will not have a degree conferred. That means they will not be invited to participate in commencement activities or receive their diplomas.

Students wishing to print their application can follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Reinhardt homepage  ( )
  2. Click on Quick Links in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Scroll down to Graduation and click.
  4. Read the page detailing all the requirements
  5. Click on the PDF with the appropriate form and print.

Students should also note that the form asks for their catalog year. This is commonly completed incorrectly. The catalog year refers to the year the student first enrolled at the university (or re-enrolled, if applicable). If students wish to change minors between completing the application and graduation, they must complete a change of majors/minors form. If they wish to change their major, they must update their application as the listed major determines what is written on their diploma.

Students with additional questions should contact their advisor or the Office of the Registrar.

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