Organizers say Red Cross blood drive at RU was a huge success

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By Adria Mulrooney

The Red Cross blood drive, held Wednesday, Aug. 24, on Reinhardt University’s main campus in Waleska, was a huge success.  According to Chris Davis, the Collections Team Supervisor at the Red Cross, there were approximately 45 donors present, from which 37 usable pints of blood were obtained.  Davis also stated that the amount of usable blood donated this past Wednesday greatly exceeded the amount that they had hoped to collect from the event.  This is exciting news for the Reinhardt community, who’s efforts to give back have not gone unnoticed.

The donors involved in Wednesday’s blood drive were not limited to Reinhardt University’s faculty, staff and students, however. The effort by the Red Cross on Reinhardt’s campus received additional support from those in and around the surrounding community. William Brown, a former Reinhardt student from a nearby city, was among those who came out in support of the event.  Brown stated that he be began donating blood as soon as he became eligible, due to his grandfather’s significant influence.

The Bannister Glasshouse was transformed into a temporary Red Cross donation center. Photo by Adria Mulrooney.
The Bannister Glasshouse was transformed into a temporary Red Cross donation center. Photo by Adria Mulrooney.

“Growing up, my grandfather donated whenever he was eligible, and that inspired me.  You could end up saving someone’s life,” Brown said. “Overall, it was a very well-organized and simple process.”

Brown also had something to say about why others in and around the Reinhardt community should get involved in the Red Cross blood drives held on campus.

“It’s going to a good cause,” Brown stated simply, “Over 41,000 blood donations are needed every day.”

Those who were unable to make a blood donation this past Wednesday can still get involved in the next blood drive event on campus.  Davis stated that the Red Cross will be returning in late October, so for those looking to get involved, be sure to watch out for any flyers or online posts confirming the next event.  Davis also added that while all blood types are needed, there is an especially great need for any negative blood types (A-, B-, O-), along with O positive.

The Red Cross is always looking for those who are wanting to get involved and support different charitable efforts, whether on Reinhardt’s campus or any other locations.  Please be sure to visit the Red Cross website at for further information, or to locate a nearby blood drive and schedule an appointment to donate.


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