Staff Spotlight: Erika Neldner

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By Justin Hawkins


When people see Reinhardt Faculty and Staff around campus they see people with experience and knowledge that can stretch back many years. This past month Reinhardt University has hired someone that fits this criteria to the letter.

Erika Neldner, 36, of Woodstock, earned this position of writer and content specialist in the marketing department. Neldner brings with her more than a decade of experience in the media industry. She started in college when she was recruited to join the student newspaper at Kennesaw State University following an Intro to Mass Media course. But she was not so sure she would be fit for the job.

“I was pushed to join the school newspaper, and as soon as I Joined I feel in love with it,” Neldner said

She joined the student newspaper as a staff writer and moved up the ranks from senior staff writer, news editor to editor and chief. She served as the Editor in Chief for the 2004 fall and spring semester at Kennesaw State. She said that one her greatest accomplishments during that time was being a part of The Sentinel earning the Pacemaker award, the newspaper’s one and only.

After graduation, she received an offer to work at The Cherokee Ledger-News, the weekly newspaper covering all of Cherokee County. After joining the Ledger-News in January 2005 she worked hard and climbed her way up the ladder to become Managing Editor of the Ledger-News in June 2005.

After 11 years at the community newspaper, Neldner felt it was time for change.

“I guess last year I felt I needed a change. I had been doing the same thing for 11 years and things had changed. I was newly married when I started at the ledger and did not have any children at the time. Now I have two. As life changes your focus changes and your responsibilities change.” Neldner stated.

It was that the winds of change were blowing. Those winds of change brought her to Reinhardt University.

After hearing of the opportunity in the marketing department at Reinhardt, Neldner interviewed for the position, and was hired to handle writing and media relations duties for the University.

When she arrived on campus, she quickly saw how much of family everyone is at Reinhardt university. The feeling of family made her feel at home. After she was done enjoying the sights of the campus she was at her desk working hard. The only that has changed is her job title and where she works.

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